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internet tv channels

With the power of the Internet, you can now access the contents of the World Wide Web, which nowadays are like boundless stream of data and information. If you want to start a business and you need help, you don’t need to go anywhere for help. You’ll just have to seat down and with a little browsing in the Internet, you can find a detailed guide that would help you. Even going to school can be done online, mp3’s and almost all types of files are already downloadable in the Internet.

What else you could do? Well, you guessed it. You can now watch TV channels online. Some upgrade their pc’s to be able to watch TV on their pc and with an LCD monitor, you can really watch TV in high-definition color and do your work at the same time but if you have a good internet connection, why waste a lot of money on upgrade while you can watch the shows online?

What you need if you want to watch TV online:

First and the most important thing to consider is that you must a have a fast Internet connection. There are no real specifications on the exact speed for the buffering will also be based on the provider but you must have at least 1mb connection to have a considerable buffer speed.

Second is that you must know how to look for Internet TV channels. There are generally three types that you can find in the Internet. There are sites that will offer you to watch TV channels for free. It is good to have the word “free” but most of these sites are so slow that your fast Internet connection will look like dial-up. Some even let you sign-up something before you can start watching and be careful if it lets you download some files. This may contain viruses that can harm your pc. The second type is the site that let you watch TV shows with a price. It is a one-time registration fee and you could watch unlimited TV shows with an acceptable speed. But if you’re looking to high speed buffering. You can opt to choose a site that gives a fee for every channel you watch. Well, the option is yours to make.

Lastly, you must have all the necessary codecs and players installed so that your pc can play the shows correctly. Don’t worry, there are a lot of free downloadable players and codecs and if you have a missing codec it would automatically ask you if you want to download one and just click yes.

Some sample sites that offer Internet TV shows are the following:

Most require a specific player to be installed in your system before you can start watching. Mostly it will require you to have windows media player and real player installed. Windows media player is already included in standard windows installation. For real player, there are free versions available in the internet for download.

Here are some of the channels you can watch online:

ABC Sports News
Hit Channel
Ireland Live
Popp Tivi
Video Music Network
Viva WOM
VPRO Theme Channel
MTV Maleisia
Nation 217
Revelation TV
E-Music Television
Classic FM TV
Hit Channel
Western Bonanza TV
GnF Movie Channel
Reelgood TV
Western Bonanza TV
NBC Los Angeles
MCM Top France
Islam Channel
Pulse 24

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