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lcd tv pc input

lcd tv pc input

Can I also use my LCD TV as a pc monitor? The answer is yes. The presence and growth of LCD television certainly has its roots in the development and success of LCD computer monitors, and, thus share a great deal of characteristics with them. Most LCD televisions have VGA connections that allow then to be used as a computer monitor.
However, if your main purpose is to use an LCD display as computer monitor, the additional cost of the features of an LCD television, such as a built-in analog or HDTV tuner, analog AV and HDMI inputs, and other features needed for television-like performance, may be extra things you may not need.
In addition, if you are a gamer or have your PC integrated into your home theater system, and want the largest possible monitor to play on and show off to your friends, a 30-inch LCD television can be a very impressive computer monitor.
If you are planning to use your LCD TV as both a television and computer monitor, make sure the unit you’re considering does have VGA or other connection options designed for PC use.
If you’re planning to have one, there are a lot of models available in the market today. Here are some of the top and hot LCD’s in the market:
1. Sony Bravia KDL-40V2500 40-inch 1080p LCD Television
The Sony KDL-40V2500 is a 40-inch 16x9 LCD television with a native pixel resolution of 1920x1080 (1080p) and a real world contrast ratio of 1,300:1. This set also includes 2 HD-Component and 2 HDMI video inputs, as well as a PC monitor connection. NTSC, ATSC (HDTV), and QAM tuners are also included. The ATSC tuner allows reception of the over-the-air HDTV signals and the QAM tuner allows Digital/HD-cable (non-premium channels) reception. The detail, color consistency, and contrast, on this LCD television is great. Check out the Sony KDL-40V2500, especially if you have a Blu-ray, HD-DVD, or upscaling DVD Player.
2. Samsung LN-T4665F 46-Inch LCD Television
The Samsung LN-T4665F has some impressive specs, including a large 46-inch screen, 1080p input and processing, 15,000 dynamic contrast ratio, and an 8ms response time. However, it is real world performance that counts; this television delivers a great image with good color and contrast. The LN-T4665F also includes NTSC/ATSC/QAM tuners, which allows reception of analog, HDTV, and unscrambled digital and high definition cable signals. Another practical feature is the placement of the 3 HDMI input connections, 2 of which are mounted on the rear panel and one that is side panel mounted. If you don't have a home theater audio system, the LN-T4665 offers SRS TruSurround audio processing. Another practical feature is a built-in swivel stand.
3. Westinghouse Digital TX-42F430S - 42-Inch LCD Television
The Westinghouse Digital TX-42F430S 42-Inch LCD flat panel television offers (1920x1080) 1080p capability at a very affordable price. In addition to 1080p processing and input capability, this set features 4 HDMI, 2 sets of high definition capable Component Video inputs, a hi-res VGA PC monitor input, and both Analog and HDTV tuners. The TX-42F430S delivers great image quality, however, with a 1000:1 contrast ratio, black levels are not as deep as on many higher-priced LCD sets. On the other hand, if you are looking an affordable large screen LCD set, the TX-42F430S is definitely worth consideration, especially if you subscribe to HD-Cable, or own a Blu-ray Disc or HD-DVD player.
4. Sharp LC-52D92U 52-Inch LCD Television
If you are looking for a large screen flat panel television, and aren't impressed with Plasma, check out this LCD flat panel set from Sharp. The LC-52D92U comes in with a 52-Inch screen size, but only weighs about 93 lbs. However, don't buy this set simply for the large screen and light weight, consider the great 1080p image quality bolstered by a 3,000:1 contrast ratio, 120HZ screen refresh rate, and impressive 4ms response time. This set also includes both NTSC and ATSC tuners for reception of analog and digital TV signals. The LC-52D92U also has 3 HDMI inputs as well as a dedicated DVI input. If you want to get the most out of an Upscaling DVD, Blu-ray Disc, or HD-DVD player, the Sharp LC-52D92U may just be the ticket.
5. Westinghouse LVM-42W2 42-Inch LCD Monitor
With many LCD Televisions offering 720p (1280x720 or 1366x768) native pixel resolution, an LCD monitor with (1920x1080) 1080p capability, especially with for screen sizes larger than 40-Inches in screen size and a street price of less than $2,000. In addition to 1080p processing and input capability, the LVM-42W2 features 6 HD inputs, including 1 HDMI , 2 DVI-HDCP, 2 Component, and a hi-res VGA PC monitor input. The LVM-42W2 delivers great image quality for the price and is definitely worth consideration, especially if you have a Blu-ray Disc or HD-DVD player. Note: An external tuner, such as a Cable or Satellite Box, is required to receive standard or HDTV signals.
Some of these LCD’s are designed to be use as a pc monitor and will automatically reconfigure itself when connected to a pc.

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