Friday, December 28, 2007

Pinnacle PCTV PRO

Pinnacle PCTV PRO

Are there times that you wished for a television instead of a computer? Are there times when you feel that the television could offer more entertainment compared with your desktop computer or laptop? Good news because with the innovations made these days, technology has formulated a way to combine the technology of the television into the world of computer.

Today, there is a product called Pinnacle PCTV PRO which enables you to watch TV from anywhere with the use of your laptop. The Pinnacle PCTV PRO is known more as a TV tuner that is compatible with analog TV. Aside from the fact that you can receive signals from the television stations, you can also gather signals from the FM radio stations.

Aside from these, the Pinnacle PCTV PRO also allows you to play, record and burn MPEG and DivX formats in your computer. You can also directly download and save files to your hard disk. With the Pinnacle software, it is also easier to create slideshows of your pictures. In addition, you can enjoy listening to your favorite Internet radio station. Take note however that this is only possible provided that you have an Internet connection available in your area. Time shifting is also available since it comes with a remote control.

When you avail of the Pinnacle PCTV PRO the package will include several items like the following:
PCI TV tuner card which you put connect with your computer
The remote control with batteries and the remote control receiver cable which is used to manage and control the channel.
An adaptor composite video (RCA) to S-video that is use for connection.
The package comes with Pinnacle MediaCenter software, drivers and documentation. You need these for your installation enabling the system to run.
It also comes with the Pinnacle Studio Quickstart application. For instructions on how to start, it also comes with the printed quick start guide.

Take note however that not all computers are compatible with the Pinnacle PCTV PRO. Before buying the package, make sure that you have the minimum requirements:
Your OS can either be Windows XP Home, Professional or Media Center Edition 2005. This should also be associated with the latest service pack available.
Your computer should at least be an Intel Pentium 4 with 1.8 GHz or any equivalent edition and 256 MB RAM or 512 MB.
The hard disk of the computer should have 5-GB free space to accommodate the driver and applications of the Pinnacle PCTV PRO.
To have clearer and better sound and graphics, your unit should have at a DirectX 9 or higher version. Do not forget the PCI rev.2.3 slot and the CD-ROM drive.

The Pinnacle PCTV PRO is available in different computer stores. These are widely distributed in most areas like the USA and Canada. For those who are not within the area but would still like to avail for one can check the online stores. These stores are certified to distribute the items. You can just include additional amount for the shipping of the products.

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