Wednesday, January 9, 2008

HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7330n PC

The HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7330n PC basically is a desktop PC that allows you to use its multimedia functions based on the Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 (Update Rollup 2).
As its name suggests, it is supposed to be your complete PC entertainment system. It has an AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core Processor 4200+ (complete with 1 MB of total L2 cache), a LightScribe DVD SuperMulti Drive, a 250 GB Hard Drive, and 1.0 GB of RAM (which could be increased to 4 GB, if you like.) Your HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7330n PC also comes fitted with an integrated TV tuner.
You know your HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7330n PC is also complete if it comes with the following additional features:
· A dual layer DVD/CD Burner under the LightScribe multi-format system.
· Its own DVD-ROM drive
· A 56 V.92 modem
· 10/100 BASE-T Ethernet
· Its personal 9-in-1 memory card reader
· A composite AV
· An S-Video
· Two FireWire
· Six USB 2.0
· Audio that is Intel High Definition (Azalia) complete with a 5.1 channel surround sound
· ATI Radeon XPress 200M video card maxing out at 256 MB shared video RAM.
Now that you have all the technical features listed down, what do you do now? Do you just plunk the system in a corner and wait for it to tell you what to do? Definitely not! Without your output as the user, this PC can’t be usable, more so, without your effort programming the Media Center, you can never have this desktop running. So dig out its manual and start learning how the computer works.

The best part of using this PC is that you can access live television content and then proceed to view, record, and even pause when you like and when necessary through your HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7330n PC. This computer will be able to accommodate pre-programming so that anticipated TV episodes or specific important shows can be recorded for you.
If you like creating your own home videos, then this computer is great for your home production needs because its DVD/CD Burner will allow you to burn viewable DVDs for personal use or to give to friends.

Switching the system on or off should be much easier, since your HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7330n PC has the Viiv technology from Intel. This means that you simply use a remote to do either once the system has gone through its initial boot. You can even use its unique network configuration software to link up with stereos, TV sets, DVD players, and portable media players.

This system actually has so many features that it would be impossible to describe them all in just one article – but then again that's what the manual is for. Sometimes, you may need to find a source or glossary of terms just to understand what all these parts do or what their names mean, but once you have mastered this system you can start to lose the feeling that it is a burden and start realizing that all its parts work for a specific purpose. The challenge is just to figure everything out before the TV show you wanted to record ends.

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