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Entertainment and computer technology have been steadily advancing. Just take this example, before, one of the means of communicating with other people in other countries is through an electronic mail without seeing the person, but now you can view the person you are talking to via electronic chatting. Though most often the person you are talking appear to act late than what it should be. Not only that, the appearance of the person you are chatting with is not very clear, crisp and appears small. So, people invented a connection from your small-screened PC to be linked or attached to the television.

You can connect your LCD TV with the PC input of your personal computer or laptop via the RGB port or its VGA port. Just make sure that if you are using your laptop you have selected the dual monitor so that the video or whatever it is that you are watching will be displayed in both the laptop screen and the LCD TV screen. In case of desktop computer, you simply connect the RGB or VGA cord from your LCD TV to the corresponding PC input terminal. This is analogous when setting up an LCD projector where you connect the cord to the output terminal of the projector and input terminal of your personal computer specifically on its central processing unit. So the next time you chat with someone else via web, you will not have a difficult time deciphering the face of your chatmate. Not only that, your chatmate will appear bigger and clearer in your LCD TV.

You may also watch video or movies directly downloaded from Internet to be displayed in your big-screen LCD TV, and you also have the option to play your VCDs or DVDs using the DVD player of your computer to be shown in your LCD TV screen.

Though there are some problems that may be encountered if your LCD TV and PC are not compatible with each other such as one is of newer version while the other is not. They may not share the same kind of technology, which can attribute to the non-clarity and poor picture quality. In case this happens, you can adjust the setting of your computer or your television to the level that will be acceptable to your sight, but then again it might not truly give you the kind of quality you really desire. So if you really want to achieve a precise and crisp higher definition kind of movies or videos, you need to replace the old version to its newer or latest version.

Some of the connections that you will possibly encounter when connecting your TV to your PC input are S-Video, VGA, DVI and HDMI. These are common terminals of high definition television or HDTV. The S-Video is possibly the most typical port. S cable is actually inexpensive just make sure that your PC or laptop is equipped with this connection, and with precise number of pins. The VGA terminal using the VGA cord to perform the connection of TV and PC can provide better quality as compared to the S-Video. The cost of the VGA cable is comparable with the S-Video cord, so it is not really costly. Nevertheless, VGA port is common to HDTV and seldom seen in the lower echelons television. The connections that can provide, at the moment superior quality of picture are the DVI and HDMI. Your computer needs to have DVI port, which is compatible with HDMI cable, for you to be able to connect it with the HDTV. The cable of this kind of connection is expensive as compared to the cords of S-Video and VGA connections.


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