Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Pocket PCTV Guide

Pocket PCTV Guide

Have you experienced times when you wanted to watch a certain television show but you forgot its schedule? Were you in a situation wherein you can’t find the latest schedule of the television show that you have been anticipating? Cases connected with schedule of TV shows forgotten or missed are unlimited. Because of this, there are several programs develop to help avid watchers to keep a schedule of their favorite shows.

One program that helps you trace and monitor television schedules is the Pocket PC TV Gids. This program is suitable for almost every type of pocket PC TV, whether it is a mobile phone or any handheld unit. This program enables you to get informed regarding the latest schedule of shows. Aside from this, it is not limited to local channels only. It can also include schedules from international television shows such as the National Geographic and the Discovery Channel. In addition to this, Dutch television shows program can also be accessed. Availing of the Pocket PC TV Gids v1.2 is easy and for free. You are just required to have Flash Player Plug-in in your unit to be able to make it run. Downloadable programs are available in the Internet.

Apart from the Pocket PCTV Gids, another pocket PC TV Guide program that you can also consider is the TV Guide Mobile. This is compatible with any wireless PDA or mobile phone like Palm and Pocket PC. Aside from the TV listings, you can also avail of the reviews made on movies. This program also includes news from the entertainment world and list of the movies and TV shows that you should anticipate in the future.

What is nice about this program is that, this program lets you personalize your TV guide. You can choose which days or time of the week that you want to receive schedules. You can also create a file where you can put the schedules of your favorite television shows without browsing all the previous schedules. You can also access other listings of television shows in other areas where you might visit or head to in the future. You can subscribe to this program for only $29.99 for a year. You are given the chance to try this program for two weeks before you finally purchase the Pocket PC TV guide.

Pocket PC TV Guide has several requirements to fully be accessed. One of which is that the mobile phone or PDA should have wireless connectivity with data plan. This usually requires additional cost from the mobile service provider. The availability of the signal for the program is also dependent on your location and the roaming area.

There are more pocket PC TV guides programs over the Internet. These can be availed free or with minimal charges. The only thing that you should always consider before availing for one is its compatibility with your unit and your access to your Internet provider. These programs are very handy especially if you are someone who wouldn’t want to miss any shows of your favorite series.

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